Alise & JJ Engelbrecht Wedding


“What a privilege to be part of this amazing wedding. The detail, on every level was astounding, from the venue and flowers to the dresses and photography, nothing was missed. I’ve had the privilege of working with Alise and her mom for many years and was extremely blessed to be asked to do her entire wedding retinue, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride, Ouma and both the bride’s wedding and reception gowns for her big day, as well as many other guests. It was an honour to work with such beautiful people, both inside and out.”  Jason Kieck

“There are very few words that bring justice to the caliber, quality, beauty and excellence of your work. You’ve captured me in both my dresses, so perfectly. Not only did you create pieces so significant and detailed, you’ve never failed to keep the essence of your client in mind. I felt every bit of love, care, attention to detail and perfection that you have put into these dresses; just as you do with every single other one. Like I’ve said to you in one of our first fittings, “I don’t think I’ll ever want to take this off”. Well, if I had it my way, I’d wear these dresses every day if I could. ‘Thank you’ would never be enough to express my gratitude.” Alise Engelbrecht

Photography: Shanna Jones Photography