Jason Kieck Designs recently launched the theme for the 2020 Charity Couture & Entertainment Gala fundraising events and announced that Wilderness Foundation Africa will be the beneficiary of all their events for the next 5 years.

As a design house, Jason Kieck Designs have over the years worked many foundations to raise much needed funds for those suffering from Retinita Pigmentosa to Cerebral Paulsey to The Born Free Foundation, the country’s only Childrens Hospice, and most recently blood Cancers.

“We believe that through collaboration with corporates who have a ‘ like minded’ approach to bettering our environmental spaces and helping our communities, with a common heart attitude, to be able to ‘give back’, we can effect the change that is necessary to move everybody into a better economy and country.

The Wilderness Foundation Africa is intent on the protection, preservation and progress of our continents species, spaces and people.  They are therefore a natural fit for our brand moving forward”, says Jason Kieck.

With their focus on Species, Spaces and People, they have a holistic approach to their core. The Youth Development Programme not only helps those without hope and very little opportunities, to realize their potential to make a difference in their lives and future, as well as in their environment.  Giving hope and a future.

Our theme for 2020 is AQUA, It’s Life.  Water is not just a local issue, but a global one. And in shedding some light on the issues associated, we are able to bring a greater awareness to what we as individuals and corporates are contributing to , as well as ways to be more eco-sensitive in our approach to water, either from conservation or contamination aspects as well.

AQUA will showcase a few brand new exciting partnerships and collaborations with a stunning new collection that will also be launched internationally. A proudly South African branded product of excellence using only the best natural fibres from wool to mohair, cottons, linens and silks as well as blends of all of these and also featuring artwork from a famous South African artist.

Dr Andrew Muir, CEO of Wilderness Foundation Africa “We are honoured to have been chosen at the next beneficiary for the prestigious Jason Kieck Designs Charity events moving forward.  Apart from the funding that we will receive to further grow our Youth Development Programme and the lives of vulnerable youth, we are also excited of this partnership from an environmental perspective.  We are encouraged at how Jason Kieck is looking at ways to make fashion more sustainable through issues such as local sourcing, organic, recyclable and reusable fabrics.  Jason has embraced this environmental need and we look forward to seeing the results of conservation collaborating with fashion”.